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We offer different treatment concepts that are based on the needs of fear patients.

During an individual patients’ conversation, far away from the dental chair, we offer you a preliminary informational conversation. You can describe us your concerns and familiarize with our Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See and the team.

We can provide you information about possible gentle treatment options. And so-often such a correspondingly detailed conversation can already contribute to alleviate a dentists’ phobia.


LASERS are particularly useful when treating fear patients when faced with any type of dental procedure or surgery. LASERS have allowed me to continue with treatment of various situations in a comfortable manner with the added benefit of more control and precision of the outcome. Due to its minimal invasive nature, the use of LASER has transformed how patient tolerate the dentistry and surgical treatments.

Among the biggest benefits of LASER is, that it is minimally intrusive and cause far less damage of the surrounding tissues of a tooth than traditional surgical techniques. This means there is less associated post-operative symptoms which is quite appealing to patients who prefer to have comfortable dentistry that is not only painless but also less problematic after the treatment has been carried out.

LASERS eliminate -in most cases- the need to drill, the noise of which is often a trigger for fear and anxiety. In this way, treatment with a calmer process is more accepted and this in turn facilitates better management of anxiety.

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