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Michigan splint

Occlusal splints, also called night guards (Michigan splint), are custom-made removable dental appliances used to protect teeth and restorations, manage cranio-mandibular disfunctions (TMD), and stabilize the jaw joints during occlusion (bite).

The occlusal splint is the most important reversible tool to relax the masticatory muscles.

People predisposed to nocturnal bruxism (grinding) or nighttime clenching may routinely wear occlusal splints at night.


Occlusal splints are made of a heat-cured acrylic resin that covers all of the teeth upper or lower arch.

Michigan-type occlusal splints are helpful with:

  • jaw muscle relaxation

  • tooth wear protection (tooth abrasion)

  • morsicatio buccarum (chronic irritation / injury of the oral mucosa due to repetitive cheek biting / chewing)

  • (night) protection for thin porcelain restorations (e.g. veneers)


NTI- tss splint

There are splints that only go over the maxillary anterior teeth and do not include the posterior teeth. This can lead to the fact that during prolonged wearing time, the lateral teeth could grow out – since there are no contact points with the lateral teeth- and thus an open bite occurs in the anterior region of the dental region.

The NTI-tss splint can be considered if all molars are missing on both sides of the upper jaw or if the maxillary teeth suffer big mobility.

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