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Dr. Liora Zeiger -
Your Dentist


When it comes to a new concept in general dentistry, modern dental aesthetics, and state-of-the-art technology in Laser dentistry, I am exactly the right contact for you.

With my collaborating colleagues, we coordinate all dental departments and can offer you comprehensive care with interdisciplinary skills. You therefore benefit from a perfect workflow.


I focus on minimally invasive and therefore conservative treatment techniques for longevity and maintenance of the function and health of your teeth.


Major areas of focus are:

  • Veneers (ceramic shells)

  • Porcelain fillings (Inlays, Onlays)

  • Highly aesthetic composite fillings

  • All-ceramic crowns, partial crowns, Overlays

  • All-ceramic bridges

  • Gentle and gentle aesthetic dentistry

  • smile makeover

  • Complete oral rehabilitation

  • implant prosthetics

  • Implants and orthodontics (carried out by the collaborating colleagues)


My team and I can help you with lots of understanding, patience, decades of experience and professional competence to overcome your dentist phobia.

With the support of our anaesthesia team fear patients and patients who are highly sensitive to pain can be treated, when needed, under light sedation or general anaesthesia, at his/her own request.


As an advocate of minimal invasive interventions, I have appropriated knowledge of latest development in dental treatments:

  • Veneers

  • Non-prep and minimal-prep Veneers

  • Oral LASER treatments


Whether for medical purposes or for aesthetic corrections, the LASER-application, has become increasingly popular.

My first “eye-opening” experience with LASERS happened in 2001, when I saw the big variety of treatment options with LASER in dentistry for hard and soft tissue.

The possibility of eliminating carious lesion, by selective evaporation using nothing but LASER light and water spray, no contact (!), no vibration and painless, or in soft tissue application with a clear bloodless surgical field, disinfection without antibiotics, faster healing, haemostasis without chemicals or electro-surgery and healing without scar formations -to name few of the capabilities of LASER use- rises my curiosity to learn more about LASER and their applications in dentistry.


As a high-qualified establishment, I always suggest the most appropriate treatment and LASER mashine, regarding indications, for your particular case.

The use of LASER machines of the latest generation of LASER technologies prevents you from running into unnecessary and significant risks. My excellent reputation is based on an international basis and is increasingly attracting more and more foreign patients who, due to word-of-mouth marketing, travel great distances in order to receive professional and first-class treatment in the Zahnarztpraxsis Uetikon am See.


Do you want a traditional and conventional treatment or a “high class quality” care according to the latest state-of-the-art?


The complete team of the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See is at your disposal for all your questions.


“The goal of my practice is simply to help my patients retain their teeth all of their lives, if possible -in maximum health, function, comfort and aesthetics.”

Dr. med. stom. (RO) Liora Zeiger M.Sc. (AT)

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