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In cases of dentists’ phobia (fear patients) or if a particularly long and complex dental treatment is awaiting you, such as dental extractions, light sedation or general anesthesia can save you stress, fear and pain.

The advantages of sedation:

  • You will remain completely pain-free during and for some time after the procedure

  • You have no memory of what happened during the anesthesia

  • Stress reactions of the body - pulse, blood pressure and body temperature fluctuations
    - do not occur because you are relaxed.


During a treatment under light sedation or general anesthesia, an anesthesia team is also present in addition to the dentist and the dental staff, who will first inject you with a compatible agent to help you fall asleep. Once the procedure has been completed, the anesthetic supply is carefully shut down. Even if you are already awake again, you will spend another 1-2 hours under observation in the practice rooms of the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See.

If you have any questions about the exact procedure for dental interventions under light sedation / general anesthesia, please contact us at the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See.

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