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General Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions (GTC) / legal relationship

The purpose of the terms and conditions is to regulate the legal relationship between the patient and the dental practice Uetikon am See. They explicitly regulate the business relationship for the duration of the dental treatment, unless otherwise agreed.


The General Terms and Conditions also apply to treatments by an independent treatment person who acts on behalf of the dental practice Uetikon am See In this case, however, there is a separate contractual relationship between the patient and the treatment person acting on behalf of the patient. The anamnesis form and the declaration of consent to the transmission of personal data form the basis for the terms and conditions coming into effect. In the case of treatment at the expense of health, IV and accident insurance, the legal provisions of the respective care also apply in addition to the private legal relationship. The patient undertakes to communicate this information to the person treating him. Patients who are minors must be represented by a legal representative or by a person with the appropriate power of attorney.


2. Tax point value

The tax point values apply according to the display.


3. Privacy / Documents

The collection, use and processing of the data, including their transfer, takes place in compliance with the legal regulations, in particular with regard to data protection, medical confidentiality and social secrecy. The retention period for patient data is 20 years, after which they are destroyed in accordance with the data.


By signing the declaration of consent for the use of one or more treatments, the patient agrees to the data protection declarations. All documents (patient data and records) are the property of the dentist. X-rays are the property of the patient if paid for and will be handed over to the patient personally and respectfully upon request (for a processing fee if delivered by post, free of charge if collected).


If the patient would like to offer his X-rays available anonymously for the purpose of illustration (e.g., publication as a case description on the homepage), he must sign a corresponding declaration of consent. Here, too, data protection must be guaranteed.


4. Cancellation conditions

Appointments that have already been booked are binding for the patient and the booked time, including the infrastructure, is reserved for the patient. If you are unable to attend, the treatment person must be informed as early as possible, but at least 24 hours in advance, that the treatment appointment cannot be kept.

The Uetikon am See dental practice reserves the right to charge a fee of at least CHF 330.- per hour for late appointments (a 15-minute rule applies) or missed appointments without written or telephone cancellation. Furthermore, the practice will not assume the individual loss risk of sudden illness or occupational disability for all patients.


5. Payment Policy

The treatment person discusses the costs incurred with the patient before the start of treatment if the treatment deviates from the standard. The costs for treatments are usually to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. If the patient wishes partial payment, this can be granted in certain cases. An interest rate of 3% is then charged on these partial payments. If the installment payment is delayed, the entire amount is due immediately.


In the case of delays in payment, reminder fees will be charged. If the reminders are also ignored, default interest of 5% (according to OR article 73) will be charged. After the expiration of the statutory reminder periods, the debt enforcement request is initiated. The Uetikon am See dental practice reserves the right to claim additional costs in accordance with the effort involved in the event of a delay of payment.


In the case of new patients, emergencies and patients with signs of negative creditworthiness, the Uetikon am See dental practice reserves the right not to offer the patient any payment options and to demand direct or advance payment.


6. Treatment / Disclaimer

According to the case law of the Federal Supreme Court, dental work in the legal sense constitutes an order in accordance with Art. 394 ff of the Swiss Code of Obligations. This means that the activity of the treatment person must be based on the generally known and recognized rules of dentistry. This also means that the success of the treatment cannot be guaranteed. This regulation also applies in the area of dental care under social security law (e.g. UVG or KVG) and even if the insurance company issues instructions for the treatment of the patient.


The person treating the patient cannot be held liable for damage to objects brought in or property that remains in the care of the patient or to vehicles of the patient parked in the patient parking lot (underground and outdoor parking spaces). No liability is assumed for the patient's wardrobe, which is stored in the practice premises.


7. Warranty / Obligation to provide information

Malpractice occurs when the person treating the patient has clearly violated their duty of care. This applies if he neglects valid dental knowledge or ignores or disregards recognized rules of dental science. In unclear cases, the practice management decides on a case-by-case basis about a guarantee service on a goodwill basis.


Careful execution of the order also includes the obligation to provide information about the treatment, its risks and consequences for the patient. In the case of surgical interventions in particular, this information is of the utmost importance. In order for the patient to be able to give valid consent to the procedure, he must primarily be informed and instructed about it.


8. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with the contract for dental treatment is Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss law applies exclusively to the exclusion of conflict of laws.


9. Final Clauses

These general terms and conditions are subject to periodic changes. The latest version can be found on the homepage of the Uetikon am See dental practice.

Statutory regulations should be used for all points in these General Terms and Conditions that are invalid or unenforceable. All remaining provisions are not affected by this exception in this case.

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