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An emergency is seldom predictable. But even with smaller or larger dental accidents, such as fractured tooth, fallen-off veneer(s), dental crowns or other kind of dental restorations, an acute "tooth" problem can arise that requires immediate help of a dentist.

We at the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See are happy to help you in such cases and therefore reserve time for an emergency appointment in the daily program so that we can arrange your treatment possible on the same day.

The focus is on treating the cause of the pain after precise examination of the affected jaw and tooth region. The region is thoroughly inspected, palpated, tapped, and the necessary tests are carried out, followed by a digital X-ray of the tooth / teeth and jaw. With the digital X-ray we get an internal view of the region that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Subsequently we will discuss the various treatment options, and, on your request, also carry out the pain-relieving or problem-solving treatment. Before each treatment, there is a brief but transparent explanation of the expected costs.


Since the majority of emergency treatments are temporary measurements, it is advisable to schedule a consultation following this acute treatment to determine whether long-term restorations are necessary for your oral health. Then we have the appropriate time in an initial examination to examine the remaining teeth and jaw regions of your mouth more closely and explain any further treatments that may be necessary



You can reach us Monday through Friday during office hours at: 044/ 920 31 34

Or contact the on-duty practice of the dental emergency service in the Meilen district on: 0848/000 027

You can reach the cantonal contact point on 0800 33 66 55 who will refer you to a dentist in an emergency.

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