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  1. Who and how does one benefit from laser treatment?
    In addition to all patients, laser treatment is particularly suitable for children, fear patients and patients who are very sensitive to pain.
    The most modern laser systems on the market in my practice, is Biolase® - a world leading innovator in dental laser systems and can be applied to hard and soft tissue with the property of minimally invasive technology. The treatment offers the best possible dental experience because it is performed stress-free and gently, as it is non- touch, vibration-free and there is no drilling noise.


  2. What clinical versatility do the lasers offer?
    The versatility of lasers covers a clinical spectrum of over 80 different indications. The award winning Waterlase® hard tissue laser can efficiently remove tooth enamel, dentin and bone. Many routine dental procedures can be performed with minimal and, in some cases, even without anesthesia or drills.
    Soft tissue EpicX -Diode-laser can provide bactericidal effect during tissue operations by incision, coagulation, hemostasis, reduced postoperative inflammation, bleeding and scar formation, and can also promote bone regeneration.


  3. To what extent does laser benefit in periodontal treatment?
    The use of lasers is complementary to conventional gingival pocket treatment. Thanks to its germicidal and bactericidal effect, it supports the reduction of germs in periodontal pockets, is bio-stimulating and promotes bone regeneration. In addition, reduced post-operative swelling and / or pain is achieved.


  4.  How does the laser support root canal treatment?
    The laser, as an additional treatment, combats endodontic infections through its bactericidal effect, with a considerably higher efficiency (10 times) than with root canal irrigation alone. In addition, the laser beam supports the disinfection and cleaning of the canal before the final root filling.


More detailed descriptions of my possibilities in the use of lasers in my treatments can be found on my website of the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See. You are also very welcome to contact us by phone.

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