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The "golden proportions" are important pieces of the puzzle in order to provide a comprehensive answer as to what constitutes beauty. The smile of the Mona Lisa builds on the golden proportions that Leonardo da Vinci followed in the portrait.

The physical components which make up the sense of beauty and attractiveness come down to balance and proportion. This natural law of beauty is referred to as “golden proportions”.

The “golden proportions” is an important component that requires understanding, to achieve a flawless smile; with this natural law of beauty I can design your smile in my dental practice Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See.


Following the principles of smile design is essential in restoring the teeth in the anterior region of the mouth. If the dentist does not apply smile design guidelines, then there is no scheme for tooth preparation and restoration. In the absence of a plan, teeth may be under- or overprepared, leading to a compromise in aesthetic and functional results.

The golden proportions assemble your new smile with the natural shape, size and contour that best suits your facial and jaw function. A stunning and timeless smile must be proportionate and in harmony with your unique facial structures to successfully highlight your true beauty. The goal is to create harmony within the face and reestablish youthfulness in a natural way.


We all know that our smile affects our appearance in different ways. Prominent canines, for example, ensure an aggressive appearance. Rounded lateral incisors are associated with a more feminine look, while a blocky shape appears more masculine.

When teeth begin to collapse, some people opt for a collagen injection into the lip, but will not fix the source of the problem. This has to do with the fact that the position of the teeth has shifted and needs to be corrected. Our teeth provide the foundation and shape for our face. So, shouldn’t we make sure we fix the underlying problem first?


A mathematical concept called the golden proportions has provided guidelines for tooth preparation and fabrication of the restaurations.

In dentistry, the golden proportion has been suggested as a possible approach to developing ideal size and shape relationships for maxillary teeth. These principles can be used to determine the width of the teeth in relation to each other.

These exact proportions rarely occur in natural dentition. The value of the golden proportions is a diagnostic tool in evaluating a smile and as a guide for the preparation and fabrication of the veneers and / or prosthetic rehabilitation.


The principles provide a set of guidelines for aesthetic dentistry. The exact proportions are not as important as the concepts of symmetry and the use of a logical approach to aesthetic restauration of the maxillary anterior teeth.

There is nothing worse than front teeth that are obviously crowns and are prominent and bulky or just too big for the mouth. They just look artificial and cannot fool anyone. The best cosmetic dentistry makes your teeth look like natural teeth while improving them at the same time.


If your teeth are less than perfect at the moment, visit our website of the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See and be amazed by the wonders of modern cosmetic dentistry.

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