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Canker sores are small whitish blisters in the oral cavity which, depending on their location, can be incredibly painful on the gums, buccal mucosa or tongue. The canker sores affect eating and drinking and can often make speaking difficult.

The cause of their occurrence is still unclear. But once they are there, they stay for up to two weeks in the worst case.

Local therapy with painkillers and mouthwashes can help to some extent, but treatment with the LASER is much more effective.


LASER application for canker sores:

In our Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See, we can help you heal faster after the appearance of aphthae. In principle, the LASER application can be used at any stage of the inflammation. But the same applies here: the sooner, the better. In the early stages, a LASER treatment can already relieve the pain and accelerate healing. Otherwise, 2-4 treatments are required.

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