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LASER-Application in decay (treatment):

No drilling … No uncomfortable vibration … No pressure, as contact-free …. The gentle and minimally invasive treatment!


The use of LASER in the treatment of decay in my Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See can offer valuable services:

The first thing to mention is the precise, efficient, safe and contact-free decay removal, with an anti-microbial and decontamination effect and simultaneously sterilisation of the cavity surface.

Having these properties, LASER treatment can offer a minimal- and micro-invasive caries removal without damaging the surrounding tooth enamel and dental tissue.


In the case of deep caries close to the nerve (pulp), with the use of LASER we can kill caries bacteria and very deep cavity preparations can be prevented. In this way, complex root canal treatments can be avoided.

Ultimately, the LASER irradiation generates microroughness in the cavity which improves the efficiency of the adhesive effect of the composite filling.

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