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Your child’s future dental health is greatly influenced by oral health and nutrition. Healthy first dentition is an important prerequisite for the growth of the jaw, the development of the permanent dentition and the speech development of your child.


We recommend that parents introduce their children used to dental visits as early as possible. This way, the little ones realize that there is no such thing as a "bad dentist" and that regular visits to the dentist should be part of the general routine in life.

We will be happy to explain to you how you can ensure thorough oral hygiene right from the start and what you should pay attention to to ensure your children a healthy dental future.


Oral and dental care from the start:

From day one, your child’s milk teeth must be cleaned at least twice a day. In the first few months, use e.g., a cotton swab with a tiny drop of children’s toothpaste, later a suitable children’s toothbrush.

A rule: as long as your child cannot tie a loop, it cannot brush his / her teeth properly either. This means that for a long time the parents themselves must ensure cleanliness in the child’s mouth with a toothbrush. As a reward, it is allowed for the child to brush his / her teeth afterwards – this is how it learns routine and proper technique.


It is not recommended to consult the dentist when the first toothache appears, as this can have unpleasant consequences. Children will subconsciously associate the dentist with pain. Such negative experiences can be the cause for future dentists’ phobia.


LASER treatment in paediatric dentistry


If tooth decay has already occurred, then the LASER treatment for the young patients is a good way to treat it without unpleasant drilling noises. You only hear a "popping", like with popcorn, without vibration and without drilling noises, it is more comfortable and pleasant. The LASER treatment is a contactless treatment, almost painless and with a high level of comfort.

Pits and fissure sealing:

The dental seal (pits and fissure sealing) is a common method in caries prophylaxis. Molar teeth in particular, whose occlusal surfaces have very deep fissures (the valleys in the occlusal relief) that are very difficult to clean, are highly susceptible to caries formation. With the LASER, these fissures can be cleaned and decontaminated and then sealed with special composites.


Child-friendliness is very important to me and if your daughter and / or your son has any questions for me, I will give the necessary answers.

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