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Cold sore (herpes labialis) is a viral infection and represents a great burden for the patient. Cold sores can be triggered, for example, by feverish infectious diseases, stress, UV rays and / or hormonal changes. Once you carry the virus, the disease can break out again and again, which is not only a physical but also a mental burden for those affected.


Even the slight tingling or pulling on the lip are the first signs that the disease is on the rise. Associated with the unpleasant itching, fluid-filled blisters appear on the lip. The liquid contains viruses and is highly infectious upon contact. The blisters then rupture and fuse, forming painful and weeping sores. The cold sore can last about 10 days until the healing process is complete and the blisters dry and fall off.


LASER in cold sore treatment:

With LASER treatment in my Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See, I can enable the course of the disease to be free of side effects and pain, and thus enable a faster recovery. I recommend having the LASER treatment already in the first phase (occurrence of pain, tingling, burning, feeling of tightness - while the skin is still intact) or in the phase where the skin is reddening. Because if you hit the affected areas early with the LASER beam, the viruses in the existing blisters can be destroyed and proliferation can be avoided. Thus, one can achieve that the cold sores (mostly) disappear within two days.


The use of LASER in the treatment of herpes is painless and has a positive long-term effect, as the disease breaks out less frequently in the future.

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