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Unattractive, discoloured and teeth covered by deposits are disturbing and can have a negative impact over your general health.

Plaque is a layer of mucus / smear layer (biofilm) on the surface of the teeth, composed from saliva, food-residues and bacteria. These bacteria convert sugar from food to acids and thus attack the tooth structure. Exactly those solid dental deposits (calculus) on the tooth surface prevent effective oral hygiene and thus promote the development of gingivitis (gum infections), which can lead to gum recession and thus in turn poses a risk to dental health in the mouth. Furthermore, in many cases the tooth enamel can be also attacked, and cervical (tooth neck) caries promoted.


In addition, with efficient cleaning methods, professional dental cleaning can help to prevent dental disease, achieve a vital appearance through healthy gums and healthy teeth and problems that have already arisen can be discovered and eliminated at an early stage.


I recommend having twice a year professional teeth cleaning / dental hygiene appointment so that your oral care at home is successfully maintained.

The treatment involves intensive, mechanical cleaning of your teeth, which goes beyond what you can do yourself with your daily oral hygiene.


In my Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See practice, you will be informed about the correct daily tooth brushing technique and you will also be shown the necessary care aids (toothbrush, dental floss, interdental brushes, etc.), so that you can keep on maintaining good oral health.

Even after tooth restoration and dental rehabilitation has been completed, professional dental cleaning provides important services for the long-term preservation of restored teeth.



  1. Consultation
    The first step is an examination of your oral cavity and teeth.

  2. Release of soft and hard (calculus) plaque
    Solid deposits on the tooth surface are removed with an ultrasonic scaler and in the interdental spaces a mechanical procedure with special manual instruments.

  3. Removal of dental discolorations, polishing and surface smoothing
    Stubborn stains (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.) are removed from the teeth.
    The tooth surfaces are smoothed by polishing which will prevent microbial depositing on rough surfaces

  4. Instruction in proper oral care
    Instructions of the use of various dental cleaning “tools”, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, suitable interdental-brushes (IDB)

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