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Right behavior is crucial!

Every dental accident should be reported to the dentist!

Only he can decide whether the treatment is urgent or not.

It is important for the dentist to receive following information over the phone:

  • What happened? When? How? Where?

  • Age of the child, the patient

  • Which teeth are affected (temporary or permanent tooth /teeth)?

  • Injury to soft tissue (cheeks, nose, lips, tongue, gums)


Milk teeth

Note: milk-teeth can cause damage to the permanent tooth that have not yet erupted!


  1. Fractured dental crowns:
    For smaller broken pieces -go within 3 days to the dentist
    In case of bleeding from the tooth – go on the same day to the dentist!

  2. loosened teeth:
    Treatment is not urgent, consult dentist within the next day
    Only if the bleeding does not stop after 10 minutes, or if the child cannot bite, see a doctor immediately

  3. dislodged teeth:
    Treatment is urgent!
    The tooth must be pushed to its right place as soon as possible (only possible on the same day!)

  4. knocked-out teeth (avulsed):
    Treatment is not urgent – go within 3 days to the dentist
    A knocked-out milk tooth is not reinserted

  5. knocked-in teeth:
    Treatment is rarely necessary
    Definitely consult the dentist!
    At the very least consequential risk for the permanent tooth: milk tooth accidents can cause damage to unerupted permanent teeth! These tooth-germs are located under or behind the milk teeth and are in a vulnerable developmental stage. Impacts can disturb the further normal growth-process and leave various defects in the permanent tooth.


Permanent teeth

Note: The faster the correct treatment is carried out (preferably within 1-2 hours), the better the chance of long-term preservation of injured permanent teeth.


  1. Fractured dental crowns:
    The more is broken, the more urgent the treatment -within hours!
    If possible, bring large fractured pieces to the dentist, these may possibly be glued back

  2. Loosened and displaced teeth:
    Treatment is urgent!
    the tooth must be pushed as soon as possible to its correct position and may be splinted -within hours!

  3. Knocked-out teeth (avulsed):
    Under favorable circumstances, the tooth can be successfully reinserted!
    Carefully soak tooth in milk and take it to the dentist as soon as possible
    Do NOT grasp the tooth by the root!
    Do NOT clean or disinfect the tooth!
    Keep tooth moist for transport:
    Milk, physiological saline solution, plastic bag with some saliva, safebox (Dentosafe tooth-rescue box available in the pharmacy);
    not suitable: pure water, disinfectants such as alcohol etc.

  4. Knocked-in teeth:

  • Treatment is urgent! -within hours!

  • The tooth must be placed in its correct place and possibly splinted

  • Highest risk of complications!




All dental accidents must be reported to the insurance company immediately.

The full extent of the damage often only becomes apparent years later, and repairing it can sometimes be much more expensive than could be foreseen at the time of the accident.


Further injuries in the facial area

Depending on the type and extent of the injury, inform your family doctor or dentist immediately.

If possible, bring your vaccination certificate (possibly a rigid spasm vaccine / tetanus is necessary).

If there are signs of concussion (dizziness, vomiting, unequal pupils size), first consult a doctor or hospital.

Stop severe bleeding by pressing a cloth or bandage.


We have scheduled an emergency time window for you on weekdays!

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