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Aesthetics are a prerequisite for a confident and pleasant appearance. The smile reflects a persons’ inner self. Without saying a word, your smile can convey a confident, optimistic, and friendly personality.

The aim of aesthetic-cosmetic dentistry is to improve the basic structure without changing the underlying foundation.

Refinements without making you look completely different, but to make you look like a better version of yourself.


The smile should stand in harmony with the lips and face, it crowns the beauty of a person's character. We create balance and proportions that nature should have achieved by enhancing or restoring balance, shape, and symmetry.

Since each smile is unique to the person, a beautiful smile should be so appropriate to the face and character of that particular patient that it should appear perfectly natural.

When people look at you, they should ask what you do to look so good, not what have you done to yourself.


Aesthetic dentistry has the option of creating a smile that leaves a pleasant and harmonious impression that is created within the first three seconds when looking at and does not attract attention, and there is no rejection or criticism for an unpleasant appearance. Fortunately, advances in cosmetic dentistry are enabling a growing number of people to benefit from "smile makeover" and gentle aesthetic dentistry capable of transforming your dental characteristics to produce dramatic results with positive influences on their lifes.


Aesthetic dentistry is a trend in dental treatment where all procedures required for patients are dependent on their aesthetic outcome and is a medically necessary procedure.

Cosmetic dentistry belongs to the category of "plastic surgery", where we perform procedures/interventions that are considered to be "medically" unnecessary or unnecessary. However, it is very important for the patient to improve their appearance, self-perception and self-confidence.


If we accept the philosophy that the dentist must treat the patient's general well-being, it basically means not only treating tooth decay, gingivitis, dental accidents (trauma), etc., but also treating his / her psychological needs for better self-esteem, more self-confidence and an improved body image. 


The oral cavity with all of its hard and soft tissue is a living organism that can be shaped or cared for but cannot be replaced. Therefore, it is important to choose the methods that are granted, which are validated and provided by experienced specialists.



The various specialist areas are coordinated in an interdisciplinary manner with my collaborating specialist colleagues in order to guarantee you, our patients, the best results even in complex cases.


Would you like a smile that naturally reflects your personality and still have a few questions?

I will discuss all of your questions in a pleasant atmosphere in order to come to a decision for you and with you about optimal treatment processes.

Make an appointment today at the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See: +41 44 920 31 34

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