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One of the most important human expressions is the smile. A beautiful smile communicates happiness, makes you attractive and radiates youth.

Even people with good oral hygiene and structurally sound teeth can be dissatisfied with the appearance of their smile. So often discoloration, misshapen teeth and minor orthodontic issues can affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. People keep their mouths closed in photos, or even cover their mouths when they are laughing if they are aware of the appearance of their teeth and gums.

It has been proven that attractive people are rated and treated better by others than unattractive people. They are associated with a higher social status and are judged to be more intelligent, more interesting, and more trustworthy.

Research has shown that attractive people have more successful lives than average.


In my Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See, I support you professionally in realizing your wishes. I would like to get to know your needs, your medical and dental history in order to be able to create an optimally individual treatment plan. This is the base for creating a charming smile.


Some of the components taken into consideration include your facial expression, skin tone, hair colour, teeth (colour, width, height, shape, etc.), gum tissue and lips. However, the effect of a smile cannot be determined solely by the beauty of individual teeth and gums. Each patient is unique, there are no two smiles alike, they differ in age, gender, appearance, personality traits, in their aesthetic needs and expectations.


Everyone is unique, as is every smile. We only follow a protocol of "golden proportions" which serves as a "map".

A revision of the smile design that fulfills a “rejuvenation course” of the smile is created taking into account your individual wishes and considerations.

A particular revision of your clinical situation will be analysed in detail, because there are no two identical smiles, just like no two identical fingerprints.


Various options and / or in combination and state-of-the-art methods are available:


Before starting to improve of the appearance of your smile, we perform an aesthetic analysis to show the position of your teeth in relation to your lips and face. Since we aim to achieve the best tailor-made treatment success, the potential result will be simulated on pre-operative diagnostic cast models named “wax-up”.

The result will then be discussed in detail at a further appointment. If the anatomical circumstances permit, the dental laboratory could manufacture silicon-splints, by duplicating the wax-up, and we can create a “mock-up” to visualise the outcome. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, before even touching your teeth.

The final restorations will be fabricated after your “trial smile” approval.


Each smile makeover plan contains a precise combination of treatments designed to address the unique needs and goals of each individual patient.

My effort and goal is to use the least invasive procedure that will yield the most stunning results possible.


Oral health is a prerequisite for long-lasting results. A comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums, underlying support structures, and bite (occlusion) will be evaluated prior treatment. If your evaluation reveals that you have an oral health problem – such as tooth decay, gum disease, misaligned bite (mal-occlusion), etc., these must be taken care of first.


With proper care and regular dental check-ups, you can enjoy your smile and your dental restorations for many years.

If you grind your teeth (bruxism) and have received a night guard (Michigan-splint) to prevent damage to your teeth and restorations, please wear it.

If you keep all follow-up recalls and regular professional dental cleaning appointments, you can ensure the long-term beauty of your new smile.


I personally believe everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile that helps them to feel confident.

Smile makeover can be made affordable by spreading treatments or payments over time.

If the cost of your smile makeover has discouraged you from visiting a dentist in the past, financing options are available to make your dream affordable.


Are you ready to take care of your smile? Do you have any questions?

You may have arrived at the point now and wondering: “What treatments will my one-of-a- kind smile makeover include?”

I want to help you take your smile to the next level. To make an appointment, contact Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See: (+41) 44 920 31 34

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