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Periodontitis (often called periodontal disease) is a bacterial inflammation that manifests itself in a largely irreversible destruction of the periodontium (tooth support apparatus) and is consequently associated with a loss of support for the teeth.

The main feature of periodontitis is the evidential radiological bone-loss. In addition to bleeding gums, pocket formation, receding gums and jawbones, it ultimately leads to loosening and, if left untreated, to tooth loss or loss of the tooth / teeth.



  • Bleeding gums

  • Redness, swelling

  • Tenderness of the gums

In active stages of inflammation:

At an advanced stage:

  • Receding gums (recession)

  • Loosening of tooth / tooth migration


Scientific evidence shows a correlation of periodontitis with a multitude of serious health conditions, such as: higher risk of heart-attack, stroke, diabetes mellitus, respiratory disease, cancer, premature birth, and rheumatic illnesses.

Untreated periodontitis almost always leads to tooth loss and, as a result, to functional and aesthetic impairments.

Lifelong maintenance therapy is necessary after periodontal treatment. This involves not only your regular daily oral hygiene, but also periodical professional dental cleaning sessions.

An individual long-term care prevents / minimises:

  • Recurrence (reinfection) or progression of periodontitis

  • Reduces tooth loss

  • Allows the detection / treatment of other diseases in the oral cavity



LASER treatment plays a major role in supporting germ reduction in periodontal pockets. LASER is used to successfully treat gum disease by removing diseased, infected, inflamed and / or necrotic soft tissue in the periodontal pocket.

It is used in addition to conventional gum pocket deep cleaning and root planning treatments, and is a new, minimally invasive technique. This can be localized / site-specific or used in full-mouth treatment.


Notable is the patient response with faster healing, better post-operative reduced swelling and / or pain, since no suture and no antibiotic medication is usually needed.

The aim of LASER treatment in periodontitis is not only to eliminate gum disease, but also to stimulate bone growth and its regeneration.

I believe in non-invasive treatments that not only aim to treat and prevent gum disease, but also create a strong oral foundation for years to come. However, in order to be able to maintain the achieved result, we must also plan a periodic follow-up treatment (maintenance) that should be respected in order to avoid the recurrence of the gum disease.


Not all gum disease is the same. Depending on the severity of your situation (early, moderate or severe chronic periodontitis), we can carefully create a customized treatment plan aimed at restoring the health of your gums, teeth and bone structure.

Once we have created your treatment plan, explained the procedure to you and you are happy to proceed, we will carry out the treatment at our Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See.


LASER use in periodontitis? Had you heard about it before? A pain-reducing and careful treatment process awaits you. Have I piqued your interest?

Ask me and the team at the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See.

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