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What is “gentle aesthetic dentistry” also known as the lite aesthetic dentistry?


There are minimal transformations to improve and enhance the appearance and charisma of each person. With a harmonious smile we can bring about great changes in a person's life, because the smile expresses how one feels and unfolds a positive effect, above all in society and on our fellow human beings.

When we talk about gentle dentistry, we're talking about these small changes that can make big differences in not just how the smile looks, but of course how you feel.

Regardless of what we do, cosmetic dentistry needs to represent functioning and healthy dentistry.

In gentle aesthetic dentistry, it is important to make small embellishment (small tweaks) in order to optimize and harmonize a smile.


Having worn / chipped / chipped and / or broken teeth can usually create a perception of old or unhealthy teeth. If such a situation is found, the cause should be investigated in order to remedy this problem and to replace the tooth structure that has already been lost by making small changes to your teeth.

One of the most popular methods to create a new smile from e.g. really broken teeth or the harmonizing smile shown and highlighted through social media is usually porcelain veneers or full-mouth rehabilitations.

With health and function in mind, through the simple «gentle aesthetic dentistry» concept, we can make small changes either by making small corrections to the teeth and / or the position of your teeth, trying to solve and fix the problem. This change is usually achieved by adjusting the position of the teeth (orthodontic tooth alignment). As soon as we are in a treatment phase in which your teeth are healthy and no longer destroy themselves in the occlusion, we have reached this medical starting position, on which one can build very well with gentle and gentle dentistry.


Replacing a missing tooth structure does not have to be a smile makeover or full-mouth veneers. It then only needs to be replaced a little around the edges of the teeth you've lost; especially when the rest of your tooth structure looks good, it can be tweaked a little by adding small missing parts to create the illusion of a fuller, more harmonious smile.


There are many ways of attaching the broken and / or chipped fragments with composite restorative filling material in order to create the illusion of a fuller, more harmonious smile, depending on how much tooth substance is missing.

The broad sense of gentle dentistry is to reposition and optimize the teeth a bit in the way they interact, to correct this damaging relationship and replace the missing tooth margins.


It is very important for you to understand that the correction of teeth with composite filling material (bonding) is completely different than a restoration with ceramic or porcelain veneers. Both are very beautiful and great solutions - it's just completely different.

When bonding, if only the tooth edges are tweakened, we have some limitations in terms of color and tooth texture. If the entire tooth structure of the teeth is processed by covering the entire tooth surface, we have a little more flexibility, depending on the number of teeth to be treated.


Gentle dentistry is not about removing of existing tooth structures or grinding down teeth, because from my many years of experience, even a small tweak on your teeth can improve and enhance your existing smile.

Very often a small improvement of just two to four teeth can make a “very significant and visually great difference”.


Depending on your goals and wishes, we will of course take your personal needs into account and represent your desired smile design in advance by explaining you the deviation, including the tooth edge, the structure of the full tooth, of two or four or six teeth or more.


Since we are all individual and different, there is no uniform pattern.

Dentistry is not about black or white, but there are a variety of endless treatment options; depending on your budget, depending on your goals, depending on what you want for your ideal smile.

It is my job to show you and offer you all possible possibilities and options, but you have to decide which solution is considered a harmonizing smile for you.


If you are interested in minimally invasive, gentle dentistry, contact us at the Zahnarztpraxis Uetikon am See and I will take care of the function and your health so that you can get the harmonizing smile you want.

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