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Today’s natural-looking temporary restaurations, also called “temps” or provisional restorations, have undergone radical changes.

With temporary restorations, one can “preview” the end result of your smile design or restorative treatment in an aesthetic prosthetic rehabilitation. They allow you to make a more informed decision about the size, shape, feel, function and color of your final restorations. They offer protection, comfort and aesthetics while waiting for your final restorations to be fabricated and placed.

“Temps” are used in various situations, such as: inlays / onlays / overlays, dental crowns and bridges and / or veneers.

Temporary removable partial dentures and / or full dentures are used as needed in implant treatment situations while awaiting for osseointegration of the dental implant(s).


“Temps” serve several other important functions, including:

  • Protection of teeth prepared for final restoration.

  • Covering exposed dentin to prevent tooth sensitivity, plaque build-up, dental decay and pulp problems.

  • Prevention of unwanted tooth movement.

  • Enabling patients to eat and speak normally.

  • Maintaining the health and contours of the gum tissue.

  • Allowing the patient to “test-drive” the fit, appearance, comfort and function of the anticipated smile makeover or smile restoration.

  • Serves as a point of discussion for cosmetic or functional concerns during the interim period they are being worn.


The wearing time of the “temps” varies from a few days (short-term), for simple cases such as a dental crown / dental bridge to several weeks (medium-term), for cases such as inlays / onlays / overlays and veneers etc.

Provisionals for several months (long-term) are required for complex cases such as full mouth rehabilitation.

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